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Endless Possibilities Abound

From the mail room to the board room, Todd Gregory commands your attention with his captivating presence, humorous personality, and diverse knowledge of increasing employee retention,  productivity,  growth and management.

The global economy and workforce have become more complex and competitive year after year.  Utilizing a strategic edge over your competitors recruiting efforts are essential.

Todd will guide your management team incentivizing your current employees to remain and assist with attracting  promising new talent to  join your company.

Diversity In The Workplace 

Diversity in the workplace is a positive attribute that many successful hiring managers, Human Resource departments, and employees are keenly aware of.

In today’s uber competitive ecosystem successful companies must expand their hiring pool by casting a wider recruitment net in order to attract and  obtain high value talent who sparks innovation and creativity. 


Collectively enriching your  overall business culture which your customers will immensely benefit from and reward you financially.

Age Diversity

There is no quantifiable reason that Baby  boomers, Gen X,  and Millennials can’t all be an integral part of your companies success.


Each individual offers unique perspectives that your business can capitalize on if you have managers who are skilled enough to extricate the refined ideas, skill set and productivity from them.

Seven pillars of diversity in the workplace.

  1. Age Diversity 

  2. Cultural Diversity 

  3. Disability 

  4. Gender Diversity 

  5. Racial Diversity 

  6. Religious Diversity 

  7. Sexual Orientation 

Implementing Diversity In the Workplace Idea’s

Host inclusion  and diversity training for your entire staff.


Post and promote clear non subjective diversity and inclusivity policies 


Provide equal pay for equal work 


Recognize and acknowledge cultural and religious holidays.

Valued Vs. Value

You can’t just issue an employee a payroll check every two weeks and expect them to feel valued and respected.


The human  psyche is a bit more nuanced and antiquated than mere dollars and cents.


Employees are people; not data driven algorithms that your business can reboot and refresh every few years like antivirus software that you utilize to protect your infrastructure against malware.


Employees have children, spouses, in laws and pets with all of the wonderful ups and downs, twist and turns that come with the thrilling roller coaster ride of LIFE!


Employees need a safe space inn which to speak, without fear of retaliation. 


A few personal days allotted to recharge and indulge in self care can have a profound effect upon your employees productivity and attendance throughout the calendar year! These allotted days should be separate from sick or vacation time.


Taking an interest in your employees mental and emotional well being isn’t just a good business practice it’s what smart money invest in!

My Professional Thoughts 

I’ve talked to hundreds of business owners, CEO’s and CFO’s throughout the country.


The one thing that I tell them all is that an employee’s mental well being and emotional state are more influenced by you and your companies culture than they’re own therapist, pastor,  priest or spouse!


Take the time to nurture relationships with those who you have power and influence over.

People won’t remember how much money you made. How many cars you have or how many homes you own.


However they will remember how you treated them.


They will remember if you had integrity and kept your word.


Employees will remember if you had their back and if they could depend on you.


My advice is rather simple invest in your people and your people will reinvest in you and your company a million fold!


Diversity is Profitable!

Life Coach

Life Coach

Most people make a priority to honor and maintain the commitments that they make with others.
However most people fail when keeping commitments to the person that matters most, Themselves!

Taking care of everyone else in your life while neglecting yourself is not a sustainable path to continue on if you  truly desire to reach your ultimate destination of happiness and success.

As your life coach I will teach you how to develop confidence, consistency and control over your professional, personal and emotional relationships concerning  your finances, health and over  all wellness.

It’s not enough to  just have the proverbial diagram of your life’s game plan on hand if you want to win the championship of Life.

What you need is a dedicated life coach that can assist you on the ground when you face adversity and potential defeat to get you across the finish line to your ultimate victory.



All Words Matter!

Being an author is a privilege and an honor which comes with profound responsibility.

I believe that words are the most powerful and monumental tool that we possess as humans.
Words can spread fear, hate and anxiety which can spread like a raging  wildfire.

In contrast words can also rain down like  monsoonal thunderstorms of calmness, love and tranquility which can extinguish the wildfires before more damage can be inflicted.

So before you speak remember that your words have consequences that will linger long after they have been spoken by you!


Motivational Speaker

Public speaking was part of Todd’s role as a school resource Police Officer speaking  with thousands of students  regarding the dangers of drugs and drunk driving. As a Police Detective Todd was called upon to speak on the  record in front of federal grand juries and court rooms for criminal cases.

Utilizing those skills Todd has transitioned into motivational speaking for  businesses and individuals who seek his expertise in obtaining and sustaining a life of emotional, spiritual and financial abundance.

Motivational Speaker

Fitness and Wellness

The term change your mind and your body will follow is  powerful although if you don’t have any physical stamina, you’re overweight, stressed, sleep deprived and not eating healthy  your mental determination  alone will become stagnant, preventing you from accelerating forward towards your goals.


Your body will not be able to sustain you while you pursue and conquer your dreams if you can’t navigate through the physical stages of your journey.


I sincerely believe that peak physical fitness with overall mental and spiritual wellness are synonymous if you truly desire to live a fulfilling and meaningful life!


The condition of being  physically fit and healthy Obtaining, developing  and  maintaining  a toned body, higher self esteem and  overall confidence in oneself is my definition of fitness.


Wellness is the cumulative well

being that encompasses our entire ecosystem from mental, emotional, and spiritual health. 


Including healthy social development (relationships),

communication and most importantly self care.

Spiritual & Emotional Checklist

Seven ways to increase your spiritual and emotional wellness.

Attempt  to get an adequate nights sleep (6-8 hours a day )


Exercise regularly 


Build a social (emotional) support network. Comprised of friends, family, co workers, church members.

Set and maintain daily weekly and monthly goals and priorities that are attainable with consistent work ethics and commitment.


Give yourself grace.


Maintain a dedicated environment and schedule to unwind, relax and detox from your daily stressors and  commitments 


If you continue to experience severe depression, anxiety or loneliness please seek professional treatment immediately. 

output-onlinepngtools - 2023-12-26T194127.072.png

Fit For Life Fitness & Wellness Coaching Sessions 

Sessions are mobile and are preferably conducted outdoors but are not mandatory.

Clients preferences will be obliged.


All sessions are one hour of actual training. Todd specializes in calisthenics training including strength and endurance conditioning.


Todd is Adult First Aid  CPR/AED certified by the American Red Cross.


The following items are conveniently provided for you:

  • Bottled water, orange or apple juice.

  • Fresh towels, had sanitizer and cleansing wipes.

  • Fresh local fruit bar ( pineapple, grapes, cantaloupe, watermelon)


A curated regimen designed around your objectives.


1 goal setting consultation 

1 individual session  (1 hour)

(valid for 90 days)

output-onlinepngtools (15).png
output-onlinepngtools (15).png

Fitness Equipment provided:

Kettle bells

Hand weights

Weighted ball

Weighted ropes

Push up bars

Dip Bar

Resistance Bands

Jump Rope

Yoga Matt’s

Core Balance Exercise Ball 


A blueprint to overcome obstacles and take action.


1 goal setting consultation 

(6) one hour sessions

(valid for 6 months)

output-onlinepngtools (15).png
output-onlinepngtools (15).png

Fitness Equipment provided:

Kettle bells

Hand weights

Weighted ball

Weighted ropes

Push up bars

Dip Bar

Resistance Bands

Jump Rope

Yoga Matt’s

Core Balance Exercise Ball 



A fully designed program to reshape your core being and sustainability.

1 goal setting consultation 

(12) one hour sessions

(valid for one year)

output-onlinepngtools (15).png
output-onlinepngtools (15).png

Fitness Equipment provided:

Kettle bells

Hand weights

Weighted ball

Weighted ropes

Push up bars

Dip Bar

Resistance Bands

Jump Rope

Yoga Matt’s

Core Balance Exercise Ball 

All fitness bundles must be paid upfront to ensure proper scheduling and commitment of each clients individual needs.

90 Day Life Balance Covenant

Life Balance sounds simple in theory but many struggle to keep both feet stable upon the balance beam of  day to day life.


Although your promises may be well intended; do you struggle with maintaining commitments and goals that you’ve set for yourself?


Perhaps you’ve neglected your children, spouse or extended family and friends for so long that you feel isolated and guilty.


I’ve got great news for you; you can rejuvenate strained and stagnant relationships. 

It will take immense effort and a concrete commitment on your part, however I assure you all is not lost.


The answer to maintaining a healthy life balance is simply found in the practice of moderation.


There are a litany of activities that we all love to indulge upon.

I believe that having a taste of chocolate, a glass of wine, or a slice of cake is actually healthy for you. It serves as a reward, a treat, a scrumptious reminder that life indeed is still appetizing.


In contrast to become glutinous and  practice over indulgence can lead to severe health issues, detrimental to your overall quality of life.

Whether the common theme of inconsistency within your life and relationships have been self acknowledged or pointed out by others the remedy is the same; discover and maintain life balance.


If anything that I’ve written resonates within your heart and spirit and you truly desire a decisive change within your daily life; I can assist you with obtaining that change today!

Our sessions  include outdoor activities such as nature hikes, county parks  and beach shore jogging. 


Mountain biking and gym inner core exercise activities to establish a personal derived routine of physical fitness that you can sustain and thrive in.


 Thus releasing stress, anxiety and detrimental depression from your mind, body and most of all your spirit!


My  invigorating events are intentionally curated to remove my clients from their comfort zone. 


 If you spend the lions share of your time in front of a  laptop, juggling Zoom calls,  and you feel like you’re drowning in proposals and deadlines while making your way through the corporate maze the last thing I want to do is talk to you in an office every session while sitting on a sofa.


The 90 Day Life Balance Covenant is a  remarkable collection of life altering experiences involving , emotionally challenging literature, healthy eating, physical and mental development that will elevate your personal, professional and

spiritual life.


I will leave you with this statement that I share with all of my new clients.


In order to obtain new results you must begin to think differently, speak differently and move differently.


When you are exhausted from attempting to change your life on your own with little to no success; contact me. 


I promise to commit myself to your success, the only person you need to convince is you!


Have faith, you  are indeed truly worth it.


Time is of the essence, I can’t wait to get started on your future!



Todd Gregory 

Your Personal Life Coach

90 Day Life Balance Covenant 


output-onlinepngtools (15).png

Two sessions per week

Total of 24 sessions throughout a 12 week period

output-onlinepngtools (15).png

Fitness Equipment provided:

Kettle bells, Hand weights, Weighted ball, Helmets, Mountain Bikes, Weighted ropes, Push up bars, Dip Bar, Resistance Bands, Jump Rope, Yoga Matt’s, Core Balance Exercise Ball  

Active Shooter
Defensive Tactical Training
For Businesses, Schools & Religious Organizations

As a patrolman, detective, and undercover narcotics police officer, I was frequently designated as the first officer to breach the building.

Although I’ve had hundreds of hours of training, nothing can quite prepare you for clearing buildings as large as schools, business offices, and even acres of wooded fields to search for a fleeing suspect or active shooter!

The most important attribute that I teach in my course is to be vigilant in protecting your sense of peace and security, which begins and ends with remaining calm and taking immediate action to control the narrative.

The narrative doesn’t have to be that you and your coworkers are victims with no hope of survival and that the unhinged gunman is in complete control of your destiny.

The story has not been written, and you are still very much in control of your life and its outcome.

The latest statistics from The Department of Homeland Security state that most active shooter activities are over within ten to fifteen minutes.

Meanwhile, the average police response time is between five to ten minutes.

Thus, slowing down the pace of the active shooter's progression gives employees and/or students more time to prepare a proper defensive strategy.

Diverting an attacker's time with defensive barriers throughout the structure will grant law enforcement time to stage and respond appropriately to threats currently underway.

Throughout the two-hour training seminar, I demonstrate various defensive tactical skills necessary to prevent mass casualties.

Training encompasses mental and emotional stress management in times of crisis, as well as reactionary muscle memory to unexpected adverse events.

Surviving a traumatic event relies on an individual's mental capacity much more than physical strength and agility.

In order to physically endure a violent event, you must first defeat the organic intention of the attack in the first place, which is to invoke fear, immobility, chaos, and death.

Through my training course, clients are given mental stress exercises to simulate a real-life traumatic experience, which will test and rate their ability to perform under pressure.

The following items are provided by the instructor during the training course:

  • Orange replica AR-15 Rifle

  • Orange handgun replica

  • Soft distraction training objects

  • First Aid Kit

  • Defibrillator (AED)

  • Safety Goggles

  • Safety headgear

Preparedness Equals Power
Power Equals Survival

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