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Welcome, my name is Todd Gregory.

I am a Christian author, motivational speaker, and life coach. 


I frequently travel my awesome sunny state of California speaking, mentoring, and counseling at risk youth, young adults, married couples, and incarcerated individuals who desire a radical new path in life!


I also counsel corporate executives, managers, and support staff on how to identify, address and prevent workplace stress, depression, and workplace violence. 


Unfortunately, this has become a trend in American society, and I teach workshops that can help avert these horrific threats.


I offer innovative team building seminars that organically promote and nurture a healthy work environment and culture which ultimately boost employee’s productivity, performance, and overall revenue growth for the parent company’s bottom line.


 Professionally I’m a retired certified law enforcement officer. As a former police detective/ undercover narcotics officer I’ve spent thousands of hours grieving with families and individuals who have experienced and suffered emotional trauma and loss.


I have also witnessed humbling moments of selflessness, honor and sacrifice from fellow officers (law and fire), as well as the communities in which I have served.


Throughout my journey I have found that my greatest fulfillment in life has come from serving and supporting others during their most difficult and trying times of need. 


Understandably some may view serving others as a subservient role, one of weakness and submission.


However, I view serving people as a sense of purpose, strength, and privilege.


If you are ready to excel in your business, your career, your personal life, and relationships, contact me. I will provide you with the leadership, guidance and consistency that is needed to propel you to success.


Make the commitment to living a more fulfilling and prosperous life today, you deserve it!




Todd Gregory 

Invite Todd to Be a Speaker at Your Upcoming Event or for a Book Signing.

Bio By The Bullet


  • Author: Tears Are The Irrigation To Our Soul

  • Motivational Speaker

  • Business Coach

  • Life Coach

  • Real Estate Investor

  • Private Business Owner

  • Stockbroker/ Day Trader

Law Enforcement

  • Police Officer

  • Patrol Division 

  • Undercover narcotics 

  • School Resource Officer 

  • Surveillance Intelligence Unit

  • Police Detective Bureau

  • Major Crimes

  • Homicide

  • Rape 

  • Child Abuse

  • Personal Executive Protection Agent

  • Provided armed personal security for multi-million-dollar firm and its partners (13 years)


  • University of Phoenix 

  • Business Management AA (Attending)

  • Google (Cyber Security Certification)

  • Eastern Missouri Police Academy

  • St. Louis County & Municipal Police Academy

  • Fresno Ca Police  Academy 

  • Firearm certification 9mm,40 cal.


  • Horse Owner & Enthusiast

  • Horse Trainer

  • Horse Back Riding

  • Horse Disciplines: 

  • Dressage 

  • Western

  • Pleasure 

  • Dog Owner (2) Belgian Malinois’s

Health & Wellness

  • Physical Fitness Trainer

  • Weightlifting 

  • Avid Boxer (20 years)

  • Martial Arts Training (20 years)

  • Kayaker

  • Swimming 

  • Gardening 

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Singing

  • Dancing


Monica S San Francisco, CA

Todd Gregory's time is of the essence; The virtual Bootcamp is literally priceless. Todd mentored me with time utilization techniques that now have afforded me precious time with family and friends. My career is soaring and has never seemed brighter. Todd has this saying that "GOD blesses us all with the same 24 hours each day; it's up to you to do the most with what you have been given.

Daniel M Dallas, TX

I highly recommend booking a introductory session with Todd. His natural ability to empathize with where his clients are currently being challenged & struggling is so reassuring. He sits with you in your defeat and somehow utilizes that loss as encouragement of your strength from within. He has a way of releasing these endorphins that had been laying dormant Within you for years. It's like drinking a fresh cup of Java from Starbucks first thing in the morning!

Sarah V Los Angeles, CA

If your lucky maybe; just maybe your lucky enough to meet someone that can literally transform your life's path! Todd Gregory is that once in a lifetime experience you're missing. With his leadership and wisdom my future is limitless.

Michael C Chicago, IL

When you think about it, what good is it to physically exert your body to reach its full potential; and not implement that same motivation to strengthen your mind and spirit Todd has a saying to his clients "If you can commit to getting your inner spirit in shape, surely your body will follow.

Matt L

Wow!! What an incredibly moving and thought-provoking book that beautifully explores the depths of human emotions. Todd Gregory's 'Tears are the Irrigation to our Soul' is a masterpiece of introspection and empathy. Each page is filled with poignant reflections and profound insights that resonate deeply with the reader.

 Gregory's writing style is both eloquent and engaging, drawing you into the journey of self-discovery and healing. This book is a must-read for anyone seeking solace, understanding, and inspiration in the midst of life's challenges.

 Todd is truly a blessing to this Earth, I highly recommend picking up a copy of his book and utilizing the Life Coach services he provides! Todd, I thank you for the excellent and eye opening read, your service to your community and willingness to share your story with the world!

Amber W

I purchased a copy of Tears are the Irrigation to our Soul and it is nothing short of AMAZING!! From cover to cover this book is powerful. In my opinion, if you have struggled with any trauma, procrastination or never sticking to a plan or decision, I believe this book is a blueprint to finding your way to the finish line.

 Todd shares his own life journey and that vulnerability opens the door for every reader to start thinking about theirs. The heat and soul of this book provides key strategies and examples for digging deep and getting your mind right. 

Everyone has a choice and we all need to look inside of ourselves to heal and move forward in life. Tears are the Irrigation to Our Soul will help you do that. This book is a must have and I definitely recommend it to anyone that is interested in taking control of their own power and life.


The Meat of this book is all through this book! From the beginning this little boy endured the kind of hurt and darkness that we pray would never happen But the tragedy does happen! And so there goes a beautiful Life!

The book is intense, fierce, passionate, impassioned, and earnest, the reader is drawn into life itself! And you ask the question; Where does an out- cast go from here?

But through it all, this writer has such determination And such Faith that he goes from being in the dark to becoming one of God’s Light’s of the World ! It’s A Powerful Book! It’s a book that all should read in order to live this life.

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