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Grace Given
Grace Earned

Stop putting yourself down, have a little grace and allow it to rain down on you from time to time!

Life indeed will get you in trouble.

I assure you that no matter how many precautions you take and how strategically you move around this life, if you wake up each and every day life will somehow find you and get you in trouble.

Once you understand that you’re human and are allowed to make mistakes the lesson then is to learn from them and apologize to those who may have been hurt by you. But it is imperative that you indeed move on from said mistakes.

Don't dwell in the quicksand of regret, shame and fearfulness of starting over. A new path doesn’t mean that you forfeit your previous progress, but you should look at it as a chance to regain new and sure footed footing in a new direction through different terrain.


With grace and mercy,

Todd Gregory


Tears Are The Irrigation To Our Soul

Tears Are The Irrigation To Our Soul is an exhilarating literary roller coaster ride that will take you on an emotional journey of twists and turns propelled by trials and triumphs.

Todd was an only child raised by an amazing single mother but suffered horrific sexual and physical abuse as an adolescent which left emotional scars and trauma.

Subsequently abandoned by his family, with no one  to call on but the name of Jesus.
Todd came to find peace, forgiveness and hope within this new relationship. 

As a young man who somehow fell into his career in law enforcement;  patrolling rough drug infested neighborhoods as an undercover narcotics Police Officer.

Todd encountered  numerous life altering situations that ultimately resulted in the cumulation of this remarkable book.

This book is for the survivors of this world. Survivors of sexual, physical, emotional and spiritual abuse.

If you are currently experiencing depression, anxiety, loneliness and inadequacy this book is a literal cleansing for your wounded heart and soul.



Todd offers support to businesses and individuals who may be stagnated in their growth, unable to visualize which path to take to get them to their ultimate destination.

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